What is a keto diet for weight loss?

 Keto, ketone, ketosis, ketogenic diet, this is a special way of eating, when the menu is selected foods that have a low content of carbohydrates, and the basis of the diet are fats and protein.

For the bulk of people who are far from endocrinology and are not familiar with the laws of organic chemistry, the idea of consuming large amounts of fatty foods to reduce weight will seem paradoxical. Nevertheless, this discovery of the features of human capabilities has been almost a hundred years old.


The task of this method is to completely change the metabolism in the body. Transfer of the catabolic pathway of the storage reaction from glycolysis to lipolysis. In the usual state, in order to maintain vital activity from all the food consumed, our body first of all begins to expend the simplest elements in processing. Protein goes to build cells. When fats are not in demand and begin to be stored in reserve. After all, the insulin and glucose produced by the breakdown of carbohydrates are obtained in excess and fully cover all calorie needs.

Reorganization of the body to another way of replenishment occurs within 3 to 14 days, depending on its health, fitness and level of physical activity. You can help the liver adapt and start the necessary processes, as well as slightly soften the transition period, observing some rules:

Reduce the amount of protein in food consumed, while increasing the proportion of fat in it. At the first stage, their proportions should be 1: 1. In the future, the volume of protein is adjusted to 1 – 1.6 g. per day per 1 kg. body weight, with the addition of fatty amino acids.

Increase water intake to five liters per day to avoid dehydration.

Normalize the diet to 4-5 meals at equal intervals of no more than 4 hours, eliminating any snacks.

Be sure to enter in your daily exercise routine. If you have not been involved at all until then, an easy half-hour run or a long walk will be enough.


Initially, back in 1921, when such a diet was first drawn up, it was used exclusively for medical purposes in the treatment of epilepsy in children, when drug methods did not give results. And only with time, when they began to analyze the general condition of patients, they noted the pattern that their physical proportions also significantly change for the better.


If you adhere to the rules of diet, you can achieve a significant result. Depending on the regime of physical activity and the individual qualities of the body, weight loss can be up to two to three kilograms per week.

Variation of the menu for the  KETO diet:


Boiled eggs no more than three per day.

Omelette made from a pair of eggs with bacon and mushrooms.

Fried eggs with ham casserole with mushrooms.


Chicken breast and vegetable salad.

Meat soup, coleslaw.

Baked turkey with yogurt, mushrooms, cheese and herbs.

Puree soup, meat salad.

Baked fish with zucchini pancakes.


Baked fish with herbs.

Dishes from red fish.(salmon)

Boiled fish with vegetable salad.

Boiled chicken and seafood salad.

Fish or beef steaks.

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