Welcome our New Brand Luk Beautifood.

Welcome to the kitchen of lük beautifood. Our mission is to disrupt the beauty industry by giving every woman the
opportunity to cultivate her natural beauty without compromising her health and wellbeing with out-dated
chemically formulated cosmetics and time-consuming beauty practices.
Our brand represents a potent mix of product performance, super active, safe food ingredients and holistic business practices where we champion the ‘Natural Beauty’ and allow her to feel good about who she is thanks to our three core pillars: 100% Natural. Toxin-free. Food Active.
We are bombarded with messages every day on what to eat, what products to use, how long to work, how to raise our children and how to live, and as hard as you try, everyone still looks like they are doing it ‘better’ than you. In our demanding, connected world, this makes ‘being beautiful’ seem out of reach to so many of us. At some point you can loose touch with who you are and what motivates you. Sad isn’t it?
At lük we have a defence mechanism that fights these powerful influencers. We believe there is beauty-in-food.
Food has the power to transform how you look and feel, how much energy you have, your attitudes and beliefs.
Real food – nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables intrinsically contain a synergistic mix of phytonutrients such as
antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and probiotics – food actives that protect, nourish and
balance your body and mind.
So, in a nutshell, we want to empower women to look and feel beautiful; to be confident and in control of their life;
to glow with vitality and celebrate their innate, natural beauty. And to support this we simplify her beauty routine –
we give her back the time to do the things she really loves whilst offering her beautiful and inspiring products and education on the science of ingredients used in cosmetics and food in bite-size digestible pieces! We like to think that we offer the recipe for every woman to be a natural beauty, to have luminous skin and radiate health.
Our everyday look is a ‘naked face’, which features neutral makeup that creates a healthy glow – beautiful subtle illumination that takes you from home to on-the-go quick smart. We want to feed your inner confidence and give you that super clean, fresh-faced look so many of us crave.
Like pre-packaged food, many beauty products don’t deliver the benefits they promise, and eye-catching
packaging coupled with flashy marketing campaigns camouflages a host of unhealthy ingredients. So we plan to educate the wider community about toxins to help decipher what is in the products you are using on your skin and learn how to make better choices using foods nourish your health, beauty and wellbeing. What you put on your body should be as nutritious and safe as what you eat.
Our philosophy is to harness the ‘beauty in food’ so you can be delicious… inside and out!

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