Organic tea – fashion or necessity?

Today, a healthy lifestyle is becoming popular.

Proper nutrition has become a vital necessity. Supermarket products are a collection of harmful chemicals. Preservatives, colourants, flavours, flavour enhancers and GMOs harm the body.
In Western countries, the issue of healthy and natural foods has long been relevant. Health-conscious people give preference exclusively to organic products, including tea.


Organic tea differs in the way it is grown and processed. In its manufacture, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, growth enhancers, etc. are not used. Organic tea is more expensive because its yield is lower and it takes much more time and labour to grow than when making regular tea.
To get an organic product, tea bushes must grow in ecologically clean areas of the Earth, where there are no harmful industries and other factors that negatively affect the environment. Leaves are collected only by hand, processed without the use of chemicals and packaged according to environmental standards.

Thus, a natural and healthy product is obtained that has a delicate taste, aroma and special healing properties.


  • an increased concentration of vitamin C increases immunity and vitality;
  • saturation with natural antioxidants helps fight free radicals;
    slows down the aging of the body;
  • improves metabolism;

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