Main principles for facial skincare. Skincare routine.

Skin care routine

Beauty routine for women

These are not even just principles, but the basic care that you need to follow every day. Understanding this scheme, you no longer have to buy one hundred thousand jars, but the only one will be enough.

Skincare routine

1. Cleansing
It’s no secret that this is an important point, regardless of whether you put on makeup or not. Through the pores, our skin interacts with the world. It removes toxins, produces fats, accumulates dust and microbes. And therefore, even if you did not apply anything outwardly, your skin worked all day and night.
2. Exfoliating
And here I am definitely not talking about scrubs. It is important to remove dead skin cells, but a hot towel will do this less aggressively and without chemical attack.
3. Moisturizing
Skin nutrition is a very important point. Moreover, for any type of skin – both oily and dry, so you should not neglect it

4. Protection
Not from microbes, of course, with this, she already copes well. Sun protection! This is very important because the sun makes the skin age, loses its elasticity, and age spots appear on it.

All these rules were combined into just 1 bottle of our NEW CLEANSING OIL.

Choose one of the face oil for your beauty routine depends on the skin type.

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Skincare Routine

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