Eco bags are the best alternative to plastic bags!

The first food-grade plastic bags appeared in the USA in 1957. They were intended for packing bread, sandwiches, packing fruits and vegetables.

Only after twenty-five years someone thought of supplying bags with handles. “T-shirts” are becoming an integral attribute of supermarkets and shopping centers.

By the beginning of the XXI century, the volume of production of plastic bags around the world reaches 4-5 trillion pieces per year. Packets do not decompose for 200 years or more, accumulate in landfills, clog forests and ponds, and release toxic chemicals into the environment.

 What to do to reduce the number of plastic bags?

Some countries have legal bans on plastic bags. Another measure restricting their use is to increase the selling price.

To use in the store not plastic bags bought at the checkout, but to put the purchased products into canvas bags, nets, string bags brought from home, has become familiar to many people.

They do not take up space in the bag. For example, 8 ECO-bags weighs only 40 grams, which is less than for example a car key!

You can buy different types of ECO bags here

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