Bamboo toothbrush: what are the benefits?

National Geographic reports that more than 448 million tons of plastic is produced annually in the world, which does not decompose and is often not even recycled. This primarily concerns cocktail tubes and toothbrushes, which are almost impossible to recycle.

✖ Ordinary toothbrushes are made from a combination of plastic (crude oil) and rubber for the handle, and nylon for the bristles.

✖ None of these materials is biodegradable, so their fate is to be trash on our planet forever.

However, there is a good news!

✔ Bamboo toothbrushes are biodegradable and non-polluting;

✔ Bamboo has an amazing ability to grow and self-renew, which affects the conservation of forests;

✔ For the production of bamboo toothbrushes used a variety of plants (Moso), which are not eaten by pandas;

✔ It is believed that nylon on such brushes is quite easy to compost (however, in the production they do not always use easily composted nylon-4, it happens that they use nylon-6, which is simply a polymer).

♻ All this is reflected in the environment, and not an empty phrase. For example, the decomposition period of a plastic toothbrush is 500-1000 years, while the base of a bamboo brush will turn into compost in 2-3 years.

Despite the fact, that such toothbrushes produce several times less debris, the environmental costs associated with the production and utilization of additional components and the use of energy make it as poisonous to the planet as an ordinary toothbrush.

⠀At the moment, the leader among toothbrushes remains a bamboo brush. In terms of materials, production and waste, it is ahead of plastic applicants. Therefore, we advise you to gradually change from the plastic toothbrushes to buy just bamboo.

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