10 Reasons to Buy Eco – Products!

1) Health

Organic and bio-products do not contain pesticides, preservatives, nitrates, genetically modified components, growth hormones, E supplements, which is why the benefits of eating a healthy Organic diet can hardly be overestimated! Amaranth, Goji berries, Acai, fireweed and goat milk increase the tone of the body, charge with strength and youth.

2) Insanely delicious!

“As nature intended”, “as if just from the garden”, “hand made”, “gourmet”, “fresh from the farm” – all this allows us to understand what bio-products taste like. Often, our customers use in their reviews the words: “like in childhood”, “like with a grandmother in a village”, “like in the south in season”. And this is the highest praise our suppliers can deserve.

3) Quality Assurance

Organic products are natural, environmentally friendly food of the highest quality, certified in accordance with the highest requirements of the European Commission for organic products, with a natural shelf life, completely excluding the use of GMOs, pesticides, mineral fertilizers, antibiotics and growth hormones, preservatives, flavourings, stabilizers, dyes and other additives of artificial origin.

4) More energy: forget about fatigue!

The content of nutrients and biologically active substances, minerals, vitamins in organic products is 50% higher on average than in ordinary products from the supermarket. Consumption of Organic products activates the natural mechanisms of recovery of the body, removes chronic fatigue and barriers to well-being.

5) Saving

To satisfy hunger and a feeling of satiety, Bio-products need much less. But on health in general, it makes no sense to save. Natural nutrition is for us by nature. Not without reason, after all, our ancestors worked much more, and ate less.

6) For children and mothers

Bioproducts, cosmetics and home care products are hypoallergenic products and will not cause the slightest harm to either the baby from the first days of life or mom. We offer nutritious nutrition from a balanced set of IVF products during pregnancy, which facilitates well-being during pregnancy and improves the quality of breast milk. In the milk of women who eat mostly BIO products, much more valuable polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids were found, a chronic deficiency of which increases the cancer risk, and less pesticides were found.

7) Reduce the risk of disease

Pesticides and other chemicals can cause cancer, as well as other diseases. It is also advisable to buy animal products from trusted farms. At large meat and dairy complexes, animals and poultry receive large doses of antibiotics and growth hormones. Unfortunately, large farms cannot do without it – too many animals are concentrated in one place. They need to be brought to marketable weight as quickly as possible and to avoid epidemics. Residual traces of antibiotics and hormones are found in absolutely all meat products sold in ordinary stores and that do not have special “ECO” signs. Animal feeds are also unsafe. They contain large doses of tranquilizers, so that animals are calmer, as well as drugs to support the work of the heart muscle, so that animals have time to gain weight and not die from a heart attack. Traces of these drugs are also found in cattle meat.

8) Environment

The technology for the production of organic products saves the environment and ecology and at the same time consumes 30% less energy.

9) Get rid of excess weight

Due to the fact that organic products do not contain harmful components, additives that are abundantly presented in ordinary products, they do not clog the body with hazardous substances, improve digestion, and contribute to the general regeneration of the body. You eat more food faster, they are nutritious and very tasty. An organic diet is an ideal solution for those who want to not just lose weight, but to maintain a normal weight, cleanse the skin and increase their positive vibrations. In addition, the high nutritional value and the correct balance of nutrients in natural products saturate faster and hunger is not felt for a long time.

10) Better when household chemicals

Made from 100% natural ingredients, completely safe for humans, does not contain petrochemicals, chlorine, ammonia, GMOs, enzymes; economical, do not harm nature! Especially appreciate the benefits of our home care products for families with young children or waiting for extra.

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